Biloela Eisteddfod Entry

Entry and payment will be via the Stardom Competition Online Entry System.

The Stardom System can be accessed directly by clicking the link

Payment is required at time of entry. Secure payment is offered online via credit card. Direct deposit is also available. Your entry is not confirmed until payment is received.

Before logging in to Stardom it is useful to peruse the schedule and print or record the sections that you are interested in entering. Teachers may enter on their students’ behalf. If competitors are entering individually, please ensure that duets/trios are only recorded on one entry.

Log in to Stardom

First time users will need to register with Stardom. Please record your username and password to enable you to check results and to enter in future years.

Once logged in, Stardom will guide you through the entry system. The “red arrow” on each page gives a short tutorial for new users, and the “blue ?” gives a written help message.

Basic Steps

· Click on ‘Create New Entry’.
· Select the ‘Green arrow’ beside Biloela Eisteddfod.
· Click the ‘+ sign’ beside the Discipline you wish to enter until a list of sections and entry fees appears.
· Tick all the sections to be entered for all competitors on the entry. Click ‘NEXT’.
· Click the ‘Manage Competitors (or Manage Groups)’ button to add new competitor names and details to the Competitor list. (They can also be made inactive if not entering in future years.).
· Tick the ‘section/s’, Tick the ‘competitor/s’, then Click the ‘Green + Add Button’. After completing all entries for that entry type (eg. Solos) click ‘NEXT’ to proceed to the next entry type (eg.duos/trios or groups).
· Proceed through the system to confirm entry details, purchase extras such as programs, accept disclaimers, and confirm payment.
· Your entry is not confirmed until payment is received.

If you haven’t used the system before and are experiencing difficulty, please don’t hesitate to contact Rhana Maher on 0488 923 624. Rhana will be happy to assist you as soon as practicable – please leave a message if you receive no answer.

Entry Fees

Solo - $7.00

Trio - $11.00

Duet/Duo - $11.00

Ensemble/Group - $16.00

Closing Dates

15th March – Music, Speech & Drama

16th June - Dance


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